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Common Installation Issues and Problems

Y Science

Common Installation Issues and Problems

The two most common issues when installing the simulations are file permissions and the database location.

File Permissions. For v2.5 or earlier products, the program requires that the user have read/write permissions to the folder where the simulations were installed. In computer lab settings, that does not mean the user must have permission to path to the installation folder, but the user must have read/write permissions. This problem should be solved for any v3.0 or later versions. 

Database Location. For the vast majority of users, the database containing classes, users, and lab book data is stored locally in the installation folder. As discussed above, the user must have read/write permissions to this folder for v2.5 and earlier products. For some network and computer lab installations, this database can be installed in a central location on a server where it can be accessed by each user to authentic access, retrieve assignments, and report results. When the database is located on the server, the most common problem is that (a) the user does not have read/write permissions to the database folder or (b) the correct path to the database was not provided at the time the client software was installed. The database path must always have a volume name (or drive letter for Windows) followed by the correct path and MUST end with \Data\ for Windows or :Data: for OS X.

Error 310760 :- This error

Error 310760 :- This error occurs during the installation process in the "Setup is starting Windows" screen. In general, the cause of this error is hardware incompatibility, usually the motherboard BIOS or SATA hard drives. seo services

This error occurs when a

This error occurs when a machine is not correctly configured to use DNS naming. The default fully qualified host and domain name presented during installation is not correct. If you accept the defaults, you receive the LDAP authentication error. I faced these type problem when i was working in archstone apartments.

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